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The optimist: Be an optimist, not a pessimist

The tactics of The optimists           

The optimist Facing pressure by focusing on the problem. 

Suppression of competitive activism.   

Expect the support of members.        


Identifies the type of stress themselves are experiencing and plans accordingly.

Separation from extra work occurs until the problem is resolved and the depression subsides.

They also discuss the problem with others and seek their advice.         

The tactics of the pessimists     

Saying they have no stress.     

Not going to achieve the intentions.     

They often focus on emotional expressions.        


They ignore depression issues.

Once he is disturbed by depression, he abandons approaching his own will.

 Expressing their anger instead of acting directly on the problem.

Next, it is important to look at the main causes of stress. The main causes of stress are divided into two sections.

  1. Environmental causes
  2. Conflicts

Environmental causes

The physical environment and the social environment around a man will affect stress. For example, if it snows continuously for months in winter, how will it affect people’s lives?

Then, workers, people who have a job, people who have a business respond to the winter as severe trauma.

Thus, floods, extreme heat, El Nino, earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcanic eruptions, all of which are considered natural disasters, have a devastating effect on human life.

Also, due to these, a large number of people in certain areas generally experience simultaneous trauma.

In addition, many people suffer from depression due to man-made disasters. Bomb blasts and nuclear explosions fall into this category. As a result of such man-made devastation, man suffers from long-term depression.

Take, for example, the bombing of Hiroshima, Japan. In the long run, it has caused people stress.

Social causes

Next, most of the stressful events we experience are due to the social environment in which we live. We have to experience these at home, at school, and at work.

That is, it largely depends on the events we face. Experiences such as divorce, death, and lack of money are the events that most people face. Problems like these bring stress.

Also, teenagers are more prone to stress due to events such as the breakdown of their love. The resulting stress can lead to serious mental illnesses such as depression. It also extends to powerful social issues such as suicide. How to develop endurance?

The above are the unpleasant experiences that human beings have to experience through the environment. But it is not only the unfortunate events that man should experience in the living environment.

Sometimes or man has to face very good experiences. The most important thing is that stress is also caused by the good events that man has to experience. These positive events can lead to stress and anxiety.

In 1989, psychologists Brown and McGill conducted research in this regard. Getting married, getting a job, getting a job promotion, and having other responsibilities are all good things in life. But because of these, some people become depressed.

Optimism and pessimism are two very important concepts related to stress management. For those who live optimistic lives, stress is very low. Also, stress is more prevalent in pessimistic people. The reason for the increase in stress?

Characteristics of pessimists-

  • Pessimists often see everything as pessimistic.
  • The pessimist reacts strongly, even at the slightest change in life.
  • The pessimist takes even small things seriously.
  • As a result, pessimists quickly get upset when a problem arises.
  • Decision-making energy is low in them.
  • Therefore the endurance is very low.
  • In addition, they find it somewhat difficult to achieve goals.
  • Also, they avoid and run away instead of standing up for something.
  • Pessimists do not enjoy doing something. They speculate about the benefits of not doing something.
  • They argue to justify the situation that arises from not doing something.
  • Also, they consider small consequences of life to be great consequences. For example, treating them as a minor illness, a serious illness.
  • In the personality of pessimists, thinking traits are common.
  • They meditate on painful experiences rather than victories.

Characteristics of Optimists –

  • The optimist works in a planned manner.
  • They do not panic quickly at certain times or in the presence of stimulants.
  • Also, the ability to think calmly is found in optimists.
  • Optimists have the ability to make easy decisions and make decisions that are not harmful.
  • They do not care too much, too little.
  • The optimist is more inclined to do something than to not do something.
  • Accordingly, when it comes to “outcome of motivation”, it is very high among optimists.
  • The optimist easily endures any unpleasant, bitter, bad experience in a very short time.
  • Therefore, the level of immunity of optimists is very high.
  • Also, instead of avoiding it, it is a quality of optimists to enjoy doing certain things.
  • The optimist gladly accepts what he has received.
  • In addition, it values ​​what is received more than what is not received.
  • Also, they are happier with what they have than what others have.
other than that,
  • In a positive person, a good self-image is seen.
  • Overestimation and underestimation are not in the optimists.
  • Also, they recognize the skills they have developed in themselves.
  • Moreover, the optimistic person makes the most of the hidden talents.
  • The optimist gives a proper evaluation of the services rendered by themself. Also, it makes itself happy.
  • Eliminates the negative side of life and makes positive growth.
  • The optimist understands what to do and what not to do.
  • They are tempted to do things that bring good results for themselves and society.
  • As a result, there is a positive response in optimists.
  • The optimist sets clear goals and works to achieve them. The key to a positive life is to achieve goals.
  • Optimistic people are more likely to achieve goals.
  • The principle of success is also found in optimists.
  • Also, research has shown that many successful people in various fields are optimistic.

The efficiency and effectiveness of an organization or company also depend on optimistic personalities. How to develop a positive attitude?.

Personality, as well as psychological factors, also influence to become an optimistic person. Most people do their job very well and also do it to the end.

Optimists use the mental strength they have to move forward with successive victories. So always be optimistic. You can have a good life soon.

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