Stress: Symptoms, Effects, Treatments and more

Stress is a state of mental disorder. This type of stress occurs in a person after an eye-witness event or life threat. Also, experience also affects this.

For many, a war situation, a natural disaster, or a terrorist attack can cause stress. In addition, this can also happen in the event of a serious accident or assault.

A person suffering from depression, often frightened by nightmares. Also, they dream about the bitter events they have experienced.

Therefore, they also have difficulty sleeping. Especially, there are biological changes as well as psychological symptoms in stress.

Also,  stress can impair a person’s social, family, professional, marital, and personal abilities. Therefore, they also often feel isolated from society.

How does stress develop?

Symptoms of stress can occur when you experience something very unpleasant and intense. It lasts for several days. Also, stress affects about 8% of men and about 20% of women.

30% of this is long-term. Especially for some, this lasts a lifetime. In the long-term pattern, these symptoms may increase at once and then decrease.

Also, for some, this is even worse. That is, older people who have suffered as a result of the war can have this dangerous condition.

How is stress diagnosed?

The best way to identify this is to give people a structured questionnaire. Simple quizzes to find out if there is stress.

How common is stress?

In particular, 7.8% of Americans have experienced this stress at some point in their lives. Also, it has been found that women are twice as likely as men in the United States to have in this condition.

What causes stress in most women?

Rape, sexual harassment, and physical abuse all contribute to the increase in stress in women.

Also, some women may be victims of various forms of physical abuse during childhood. Such events also contribute to the subsequent onset of stress.

In addition, even in school, stress is more common in women.

Also, about 30% of women in war zones experience stress. Especially there are indications that severe stress was prevalent in half of the women during the Vietnam War.

Who is most prone to stress?

  • To those who have had a lot of stress.
  • For those who have lost hope.
  • To those who can’t control their emotions.
  • To those who have been sexually abused.
  • FOr those who are under pressure from revealing secrets.
  • To those with hereditary mental illness.
  • For those with low social support.
  • To those who already have oppressive lives.

Symptoms of Stress-

  • Insomnia.
  • Sleep disturbances.
  • Frequent irritability.
  • Behaving in a provocative manner.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Feeling that the body does not have vitality.
  • Nightmares.
  • Memory problems.

These symptoms rarely go away completely. Also, a person who suffers from this will have to face the problems that arise again and again through this. In particular, stress takes some time to heal.

It is normal to have some degree of pain or reaction, especially from bad memories. It shows that the person has a normal mentality. Treatment only minimizes the response to the disease.

The important thing is that many people who suffer from depression use unhealthy methods to control their depression.

This can lead to various side effects. That is, it could be called the negative impact of stress.

The negative effect of stress

Through this, frustration can be reduced instantly. But even if it is reduced quickly, it is short-lived. But differences can occur. Also, some activities get effective results.

But such activism can lead to problems later on. For example, smoking, alcohol, or drug use. Also, these habits are very difficult to change later.

Isolation is also a negative tolerance. This includes irritability, anger about others, unhealthy eating habits, and so on.

Alcohol and drug use

       This can increase the memories of many people. In addition, it can boost some confidence and stimulate sleep. But serious problems arise. Alcohol and drug can lead to addiction.

So it is also detrimental to one’s decision. It also damages one’s mental functioning. Also, family relationships can have problems with friends. As a result, he is tempted to commit suicide.

Isolation from society

Someone who is in a stressful situation is less likely to have contact with society. Therefore, most of them like to be isolated. That way he can escape from things like fear and anger. But there is also a downside.

That is, loneliness can lead to many other problems. As a result, social support may be lost. In addition, you may lose friends.

Also, depression and fear may increase further. Another factor is that they are less likely to participate in positive activities. As a result, one cannot use one’s talents and abilities correctly.

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