Effect: The adverse effect of mental fatigue

Reduce hunger

According to Dr. Peterson Hodgson, a professor at the University of Washington in the United States, people with depression are less likely to feel hungry. The reason is the effect of fatigue.

Even though they have eaten, they are sad thinking that they are still hungry. Therefore, they rarely feel hungry.

Also, there is an effect on the reactions that take place with the hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Therefore, the relevant hormonal enzymes in the brain control the thoughts related to hunger by chemical reactions.

Effect of hormonal changes during menopause

Middle-aged women are more likely to suffer from anxiety disorders. Also, hormone levels change significantly during menopause. This hormone form is estrogen.

It quantitatively increases the level of serotonin receptors in the brain.

Also, It maintains that value at a peak. In addition, serotonin is a neurotransmitter.

It plays a unique role in the exchange of messages between brain cells. Finally, the hormone serotonin strongly influences the onset of depressive symptoms in postmenopausal women. (British Scientist- Rayer News Paper)

Increased blood lymphocyte count

Mental fatigue can cause illnesses ranging from headaches to heart attacks. But in some cases, stress sufferers are more prone to illnesses such as colds. Read my other articles.

Also, the number of “blood lymphocytes” in humans increases due to frequent exposure to stress. Therefore, those cells are depositing in the relevant places in the body to be more protected. It also increases immunity.

Experiments using mice confirm this. This is doing by applying an inflammatory substance to the skin of the rats. At the end of the experiment, the number of lymphocytes in that area of ​​the mice had increased.

Finally, the mice’s immune system was well developing.

Effect of viral infections

Tests have shown that there are stress patients with viral infections. It has been found that these types of viruses are present in the blood of people suffering from depression.

This is 33.3% of the quantity. Tests on their blood samples also revealed important facts. That is, the virus increases quantitatively during periods of stress and fatigue.

Animal research has further confirmed this. The bona virus is a virus that is active in the body of animals. Also, after infecting healthy animals with the Bona virus, their behavior patterns change.

The bona virus is a virus that is present in all of us.It is temporarily under control. But when the body’s immune system is weakening it becomes active again.

There is a gene in the body that gives a favorable existence to the bona virus. So many people fall prey to it easily.

Effect of lead

Lead also causes a person to become depressed. A person who frequently comes in contact with lead has stress. This is an experimentally confirmed fact. Lead poisoning and health

Seven children are using for this test. There they are allowing to spend more time with a lead. After the test, the amount of lead in the children’s bones was calculated.

There was a large amount of lead in their bones. Also, they showed violent, angry traits. Finally, they could see that there was a big difference between those students and the other students.

Increased permeability of the blood

Stress increases the permeability of blood vessels in the brain. Also, due to this fact the toxin in the blood can travel through the blood to the internal brain. It was discovered during a study of Israeli soldiers during the Gulf War.

The drugs used by the soldiers traveled through the bloodstream to brain cells.

They also proved that the drugs had entered the brain cells at an extraordinary rate. It was also clear that it was caused by the permeability of the blood.

Also, the same research was performed on for impulsive mice, and the above results were soon obtained.

Also, the dose of the drug injected into the rats was found to be 42% higher. This is because stressful conditions increase the blood permeability of rats.

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