Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Warning Signs and more

Mental illnesses like depression can come into any person’s life. Especially, this is true of the problems caused by social, psychological, and family factors.

Also, many people are unaware of the symptoms and causes of depression.

Most importantly, 90% of people with depression are unaware that they have it. This is a serious situation.

This is like pushing yourself into an abyss without realizing it. Therefore, you need to identify the pre-existing symptoms of depression.

This article covers three abnormalities of depression and their common symptoms. Also, early detection of the symptoms of depression will make it easier for you to get treatment.

See if you have any of the following three abnormalities. Also, if so, it can adversely affect one’s life.

The three main features of Depression

  • There is an abnormal depression at most times of the day. It continues for at least 2 weeks.
  •  Also, unusually, there is a state of lack of desire, hope, and joy.  This also lasts for most of the time, every day, for about two weeks.
  • Abnormally irritable if you are 18 years of age or younger. Also, it lasts most of the day or every day.

Common features

See if you often experience the following 5 or more symptoms. If so, you need to focus on them.

1. Abnormal frustration. Or, frequent irritability.

2. Unusually, that there is no will or pleasure.

3. Anomalies in appetite or weight.

  • Abnormal weight loss or loss of appetite.
  • Also, abnormal weight gain or increased appetite.

4. Anomalies in sleep.

  • That is, you do not sleep abnormally or sleep abnormally.

5. Functional anomalies

  • That is, doing something abnormally after a disturbance, or doing something very slowly.

6. Abnormal fatigue or lack of physical strength.

7. In addition, abnormally blaming oneself or feeling irrelevant guilt.

8. Also, the feeling that attention is abnormally low.

9. Finally, the extraordinary fear of death. That is sick thoughts of suicide, so on.

Most importantly, it does not cause symptoms such as panic attacks, low urgency, etc. Also, from drugs, alcohol, drugs, or physical ailments, this condition does not occur.

What Causes Depression?

It is possible to introduce what major depression is. Also, it can explain from the introduction.

That is, it is not something that comes from physical illness or drug addiction. Also, it is not grief that usually occurs.

Nor is it also a disorder caused by other disorders or mania.

1. Depression is a general feeling, like grief over the loss of something or a person. But grief comes when something is lost. Also, it’s normal.

But grief caused by diseases such as depression is uncommon for the following reasons.

  • Those traumatic thoughts persist for at least 2 weeks.
  • There may be a significant decrease in activity due to traumatic thoughts such as grief.
  • Also, the thoughts that come with it can cause symptoms of physical disability. Namely, sleep disorders, anorexia, weight, appearance, and so on.
  • There are also symptoms that affect the development of mental disorders. That is anxiety, the feeling that one is not always worthwhile, and even committing suicide, etc.

Suffering from this disease can be described as hopelessness and despair. Grief is not accepted at first. But there are things like body aches. Also, they are sensations that come with grief.

2. Unusually, lack of will and lack of pleasure.
  • This reduces the capacity of the person. That is, the things that individuals have to do, are reduced.
  • Also, it reduces the urge to do something. Therefore, that person becomes dependent on others.
3. Unusually, irritability.
  • Rather than frustration, anger comes first. Also, this can be identified in children and adolescents.
  • Ultimately angry depressed patients stay away from loved ones. As a result, they are often criticized.
4. Abnormal appetite
  •  Many depressed patients experience loss of appetite and weight loss. In addition, weight gain and overeating can affect a minority of people with depression.
  • Also, changes in weight are a significant condition.
5. Abnormal sleep
  • In addition,  excessive sleeping can affect a minority of people with depression.
6. Fatigue and lack of energy. Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment of Fatigue
  • This is a basic feature.
7. Also, they tend to work very fast or very slow.

The following are some of the symptoms of major depression:

1. Feeling guilty about oneself and blaming oneself abnormally

  • Self-esteem is significantly reduced here. Self-confidence also decreases. In addition, thoughts of hopelessness and helplessness increase.
  • Also, when you go to the extreme here, you feel guilty for no reason in oneself.
  • Negative thoughts caused by depression are more dangerous. It can lead to suicide.

2. Abnormal attention deficit.

  • Lack of attention can be seen as a pre-existing symptom of this disease. Also, such patients are often stressed when trying to solve a problem.
  • Importantly, with this disease you often have problems with forgetfulness. Also, it gets worse and needs to be identified and treated early.

3. Unusually tormenting thoughts about death. Or, suicidal thoughts. But this is not just a feeling of fear of death.

The reason for the suicidal behavior that comes with depression is that the person is hopeless.

Other factors associated with depression

1. Anxiety

For example, anxiety, gross neurosis, panic attacks, phobias, and excessive thinking about oneself health.

2. Anxiety about separation.
  • That’s one in three major depression sufferers have this type of anxiety.
  • Poorly responds to treatment due to anxiety in major depression. Also, social activism decreases.
  • Therefore, this can lead to long-term adverse effects. Also, there is an increased risk of suicidal behaviors.
2. Eating abnormalities
  • In patients with anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, depression is more likely to occur.
3. Drug addiction.
  • There are also cases where alcohol or drugs are used as a treatment for depression. That is, such patients use the drug in the belief that the depressive reaction is minimized by the drug.
  • But taking drugs in this way further worsens the depression.
  • Simultaneous cessation of alcohol or drug addiction can lead to depression. This is especially true of cocaine and amphetamines.
4. Medical causes
  • People with long-term medical problems. That is, about 25% of people with chronic diseases have this. For example, diseases such as diabetes, cancer and paralysis.
  • About 5% of people with major depression later suffer from other illnesses.
  • Medications that come under medical conditions can also cause depression. This is especially true of high blood pressure and painkillers. It can also be caused by medications given for migraines.

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