Relaxation Exercise: Use these steps to reduce stress

This method is used not only for fatigue but also as a suitable treatment for mental patients such as anxiety and stress.

Commonly used therapies to relieve anxiety and stress. This gradually relaxes the thickened muscles in our body.

This provides mental relief and increases endurance. There are a number of psychological strategies for muscle relaxation. Below is some Relaxation Exercise you can do.

Stages of Relaxation Exercise

Exercise 1

This is the first stage of the relaxation exercise. First, stand up straight, spread your arms out, then loosen them and bring them to your feet.

Then relax your shoulders. Then lighten all the limbs from your head to your toes. Think about it.

With this, it is important to control your breathing. Breathe slowly. You hold your breath for a while, then exhale. Imagine that in the end, the body itself is relaxed.

Exercise 2

Sit in a very comfortable position. It is better to get a support seat that leans against the head.

1. Breathe – Hold it

         Now imagine the tightness in your forehead area. Then you will feel heaviness and tightness.

2. Exhale – then relax the forehead.

When lightened like this,

  • Think my forehead is light.
  • Assume I feel comfortable.
  • Think my mind is easier now.

3. Breathe  – hold on.

         Gently tighten the sides of your cheeks. Hold your breath for a while and relax your cheeks as you exhale.

4. Breathe – Hold.

         Try to keep your neck tight. When exhaling, lighten it.

5. Breathe- Hold.

Slightly tighten both arms and think about it. When exhaling, relax it. You will feel that it is relaxed.

6. Breathe – hold on.

        Tighten your chest. Then lighten.

7. Breathe – Hold.

         Try to keep your stomach tight. Then lighten.

 8. Breathe – Hold.

         Tighten your legs. You feel a burden. Relax as you exhale.

9. Breathe – Hold.

        Now tighten your whole body with the mind. After exhaling for a short time, relax the body at once.


  • My body is relaxed.
  • I feel amazingly comfortable and healthy.
  • I feel great relief in my mind.

Think about these 3 things.

After this exercise, close your eyes and meditate on any unpleasant incident you have encountered. If not, meditate on any challenge you may not face.

If at this point you are feeling mentally uncomfortable, do the above exercise again and then meditate on your problem. Then your endurance will grow naturally. Do this several times.

Exercise 3

 1. Stay in a comfortable position (standing or sitting)

2. Keep your limbs relaxed.

3. Close your eyes.

4. Think about your right toes. Then think of the muscles in the upper leg. Then relax it.

5. Look upwards from your left toes in the same manner as above. Then loosen as before.

Thus, meditate on the abdomen, chest, neck, head, etc. on the right side, and then relax. Then on the left side too, thinking from the bottom to the head, then loosen.

Exercise 4

1. Stand up.

2. Keep your feet slightly apart, on either side.

3. Now take a deep breath. In the meantime, spread your arms out to the sides, then loosen.

4. Stand with the help of your toes. Then breathe well. Exhale those breaths out of your mouth. Do this process 3 times.

Exercise 5 (How meditation relates to Relaxation Exercise)

Sit in a comfortable position. If not, lie down in bed. Keep your right hand on the abdomen. Now breathe in slowly through your nose.

Then your hand feels an expansion of the abdominal area. Hold your breath for a while and exhale through your nose.

Then your hand feels the contraction of the abdomen. Meditate on this for a while, focusing on the hand.

Exercise 6

Sit in a comfortable position, in a lotus position. Squeeze the nose well with your right hand and breathe in through the left nostril.

Hold that breath for a moment, then press the left nostril with your left hand, pull the right hand out, and exhale through the right nostril. Do this exercise for a while.

Exercise 7

Sit in a comfortable position. Close your eyes and imagine the birds.

Now imagine that they are flying in the sky. You will then see a vast sky.

The above assumptions can also be made in a meditation method.

Alternatively, it can be done using audio. Birds’ voices, waterfalls, and breeze-based music should be heard.

There, muscle relaxation is done through this type of music therapy. This is a quick option to avoid mental fatigue.


If you meditate for a short time every day, you will not be completely relieved of your mental fatigue, but you will be able to endure it easily. Meditation is one of the basic principles of relaxation exercises.

What are the physical benefits of meditation?

Alpha, gamma, beta, and delta rays are constantly emitted in our brains.

Meanwhile, the number of alpha rays emitted from our body during deep meditation, and the benefits that can be derived from it are high.

A meditator’s electronic fiber line pattern can be seen to be different than the average human being.

Also, even normal human beings can observe the elliptical lines emitted by alpha waves when the eyes are closed.

Alpha rays are negative (-) charged and are made up of particles.

In deep meditation, it also moves up to the 7th level of the unit. But with too much time spent meditating, this value begins to wane again.

When meditating, the alpha levels in the body increase and the body consumes more of the oxygen used and wastes the same amount.

But in deep meditation, the amount of oxygen our bodies waste is kept to a minimum. (210 cubic centimeters) At this level, the activity of the brain-related systems improves. Meanwhile, Alpha is releasing more.

There are various ways to relieve fatigue and stress. There, the most important method is meditation. Among these, the octagonal yoga system occupies a very important place. What yoga style is best for you?

Meanwhile, breathing and exhaling meditation also relieves stress and fatigue.

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