How to Position your body for Meditation

Anyone who meditates should have a correct understanding of meditation. That means being in the right posture, having the right understanding and attention as well. The most important thing is to be mindful of position your body for Meditation.

Especially for an amateur, this should be learned step by step.

First of all, it is important to keep the body upright and create a suitable environment. This helps to establish correct mindfulness.

If you are an apprentice, meditate by following the steps below.

Adjusting posture

First, once you are ready to meditate, find out if you are comfortable.

In here, meditate on it from head to toe. Also, then you will feel pain or discomfort in any part of the body.

There you can somehow switch to a more comfortable, other sitting position. That is, sit in a way that relieves the pain.

You may have this problem because your dress is trapped under your body. So, fix it all. This is help to position your body for meditation. Look at my other articles like this.

After doing this, you will find yourself feeling comfortable and calm. Finally, make sure that your body does not move from there.

Gaining an understanding of the whole body

You need to have a correct understanding of the body as you prepare for meditation. Must have an accurate understanding of touch, pain, heart rate, and weight. These things are great to help to position your body for meditation.

Understanding of touch

Secondly, you must have an understanding of the existence of your entire body. Also, meditate on each part of the body.

But you should not think about it strangely or awkwardly. That is, it is enough to be aware of what you are feeling.

For example, when you focus on your body, it begins to feel the places where it touches. In other words, you begin to feel your feet hitting the floor, your body weight, the cushion or chair you are sitting on.

That is because the spine is straight, it begins to feel. In addition, you begin to feel how the two hands touch each other.

That means you start to feel your touchpoints. Also feeling like this means that you are with your body at that moment.

Understanding of breathing

As you further study what the body feels, you also begin to feel your own breath. That is, you begin to feel movement back and forth of the abdomen and chest. Look for another exercise to practice breathing.

In addition, you begin to feel the breath enter the body through the nostrils and exhale through the nostrils.

It is also possible to be aware of this action in the same way that you are aware of the various touches. Some people start to feel their heart beating when they are in this state of being. In addition, even muscle movements begin to be felt.

Most importantly, you are not actively involved in any of these activities.

For example, before we breathe, we pay attention to it. Also, we focus on body movements. The important thing is that we pay attention to what we breathe.

But we do not do all this intentionally. Also, we are also aware of that spontaneous process. Also, this is something that happens automatically. Make sure you make this easy.

Let it happen automatically. In addition, this is a basic step in meditation. Also, this is called conscious sitting without making a decision.

Awareness of thoughts

This is the most important thing in meditation. At other times our cognitions are often combined with other memories. Also, then that awareness will not be completely cleansed. But there you have to know about it.

You should start by looking at the subtle movements that take place in the body. In other words, it’s like sitting by a river and looking at the river. How to calm down?

That is, we have no choice but to look at the fish swimming in the river and other things in the water. Also, we have no desire to change the way they happen.

Similarly, when one realizes the existence of the whole body, the thoughts begin to calm down. Then the thoughts that lead to the goals gradually diminish.

Here the mind will be on how the whole body is at the moment. Thinking about the past, dreaming about the future, and various imaginary thoughts go away.

That is, the mind exists only with the nominal activism that exists at the moment. In this way we can maintain the mind for a considerable time. Also, after this, you can move on to the next steps of meditation.

But it is hindered by the simultaneous sound, touch, smell, and thought coming into our mind. In addition, something like excessive pain also affects this. Then the flow of our thoughts changes backward.

What should be done in such cases is not to react to them. That is

you should calm down the flow of your’s thoughts.

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