Must Include These Spices And Herbs In Your Diet In Summer, Health Will Be Dazzling

Dehydration, heartburn, gas, and digestive problems increase in summer. Apart from this, diseases like cough fever, and dengue malaria also spread more in this season. In such a situation, do not make the mistake of being negligent towards your health. Health experts say special attention needs to be paid to food and drink in summer. There are many spices and herbs in our kitchen that can be used to stay healthy. In today’s article, we are going to tell you about some such spices and herbs –


In summer, mint is commonly used in raita or to make chutney. But do you know that mint not only enhances the taste of food but is also very beneficial for our health? Mint has a cooling effect which gives relief from stomach aches and gas problems during the summer season. Apart from this, consuming mint in this season also gives relief from a burning sensation in the stomach.


Consumption of Tulsi in summer is considered very beneficial. Consuming basil is very beneficial for stomach-related problems. This gives quick relief in gas and bloating in the stomach. Apart from this, applying ground basil leaves on the skin also provides relief from skin rashes. Not only this, boiling basil water and drinking it in the problem of cough, fever, or malaria in summer gives quick relief.


Consuming fennel in summer keeps the digestive system healthy. This removes the problem of bloating and gas. Vitamin C and beta carotene are found in them, which strengthens immunity. Consuming fennel also gives relief from bad breath.


Lemongrass has cooling effects, which give relief from stomach problems. Apart from this, it is an excellent detoxifying agent. Its use helps in removing the toxins accumulated in the body. Antibacterial properties are also present in lemongrass, so mosquitoes do not bite by applying its oil on the skin. You can use lemongrass in iced tea or green tea.

dill leaves

Consuming dill leaves, also known as soya, in summer is beneficial. By consuming it, the digestive system remains healthy and there is a benefit in problems related to the stomach. Consuming dill leaves provides relief from stomach pain, burning sensation in the chest, and diarrhea. You can include both dill leaves and seeds in your diet

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