Why Baby Skin Care Products Are Harmful To Adults, Know What Dermatologists Say About This

Why Baby Skin Care Products Are Harmful To Adults, Know What Dermatologists Say About This

Skin always needs extra care. Because the skin suffers from pollution, dust, smog, cosmetics, and many other things. If you are doing anything for the skin, then first of all you should pay attention to which skin care products you are using. Especially people with sensitive skin have to be more cautious before trying anything new because using the product unknowingly can give you problems like pimples, swelling, itching and redness. This is the reason why nowadays many people with sensitive skin start using baby products. They believe that baby product are less harsh and not harmful to the skin, although this thinking is absolutely wrong. It doesn’t work on their face at all in the way that you are used to thinking. Dermatologist Dr. Gurveen Waraich has given information about this.

Giving information about this by sharing a video on her Instagram account, she explained that there is a different range of skin care for the baby. There is an anatomical difference between the skin of infants and adults. Baby’s skin has zero production of sebum, sweat, and melanin as compared to adults so how can cleansers and shampoos meant for babies work for us?

difference between the skin of babies and adults

Explaining the difference between the skin of babies and adults, he said that a baby’s skin has fewer natural moisturizing factors and lipids. That’s why their moisturizer contains more oils and if the same moisturizer is applied by adults, then there may be pimples and congestion on their skin. He also told that a child’s skin is environmental pollution. Does not come in contact with the sun and hormones so if you have sensitive skin don’t use baby products instead use good brands and products made for sensitive skin

Baby products are not suitable for adults because of this

According to experts, baby shampoo or body wash is a much milder and more protective product than an all-out cleanser, so if you use it on yourself, you may end up covering your skin, especially large areas of your body. Huh. According to experts, baby products never exfoliate the skin, because babies do not need it, so it is not good for your skin. People who have any kind of skin problems do not need baby products but need good skin care. Such people do not need to take treatment by meeting a dermatologist.

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