So That’s Why A Heart Attack Happens In The Bathroom, Are You Also Making This Mistake?

So That’s Why A Heart Attack Happens In The Bathroom, Are You Also Making This Mistake?

Nowadays there has been an increase in the cases of heart attacks. The surprising thing is that most heart attacks are happening in the bathroom. Some people are calling it the post-effect of Corona. But, experts told the real reason for heart attacks in the bathroom. Let’s know…

The risk of heart attack is high in the bathroom

Actually, if experts are to be believed, more cases of heart attack are coming from those who already have heart disease. Let us tell you that according to the report of the American organization NCBI, more than 11 percent of heart attack cases are found in the bathroom. In which patients are also dying. It has also been revealed in his report that the risk of a heart attack in the bathroom is more than in other places.

  • What is the main reason for a heart attack in the bathroom
  • According to experts, the biggest reason for this is not taking bath in the body.
  • Many people consider it bravery to bathe in very cold water even in cold weather.
  • Apart from this, some people do more vigorous activities or walk while taking a bath. Doing this also increases the stress on the heart and causes heart attacks.

According to experts, one should take a comfortable bath. Along with this, cold or hot water should be chosen according to the body temperature.

Those who already have a complaint of constipation, have to exert more force while cleaning the stomach, then it can be a burden on them. Can cause a heart attack.

According to a report published in the English website, irregular heartbeat, the problem of getting a fresh or upset stomach or bathing with cold water, and most importantly taking stress also increase the risk of cardiac arrest

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