Increase In Cholesterol Increases The Risk Of These Diseases, Be Careful

Increase In Cholesterol Increases The Risk Of These Diseases, Be Careful

Sometimes people take the problem of increased cholesterol very lightly. But increased cholesterol can cause many diseases in our body. Please tell us that cholesterol is found in our blood. However, it is also very important for our bodies. The thing to keep in mind is that the amount of good cholesterol should not increase in the body but the bad cholesterol. Today in this article, we will tell you that due to an increase in cholesterol, the risk of which diseases increases.

coronary heart disease

Many times you must have heard doctors also say that high cholesterol is not good for your heart at all. Actually, this increases the risk of coronary heart disease. In this situation, death can also occur due to a heart attack. This happens because when the level of cholesterol in our body increases, it can get deposited in the walls of the arteries.


Having high cholesterol also increases the risk of stroke. High cholesterol blocks not only the heart but also the arteries leading to the brain. When the blood flow is not done properly to the brain, then the chances of stroke increase.

kidney failure

Many times, when cholesterol increases, its danger also looms on the kidney. There can be many reasons for kidney failure and high cholesterol is one of the main reasons among them. When cholesterol increases, plaque is formed in the blood vessels associated with the kidney, due to which the supply of blood is obstructed.

high blood pressure

Let us tell you that if the level of cholesterol is continuously increased, the problem of high blood pressure may also have to be faced. This happens because when the arteries become narrow, it becomes very difficult for the heart to properly circulate blood to other body parts

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