Odor Coming From The Navel Can Be A Sign Of Infection, Know How It Can Be Treated

Odor Coming From The Navel Can Be A Sign Of Infection, Know How It Can Be Treated

r in the navel. The navel is the place where our umbilical cord is attached. It is located in the middle of our stomach. The shape and size of each person’s navel are different, but like other parts of the body, if we do not keep our navel clean, bacteria and fungus can accumulate in our navel over time. With this, the infection can occur here, due to which the navel can smell. People who have pierced their navel, are more likely to get an infection. In such a situation, medical help may be required. In short, the bad smell coming from the navel can be a sign of infection. Know how it can be treated.

How can an infection in the navel be treated?
Poor hygiene is the most common cause of belly button odor. Only this can cause infection in the navel. The treatment of infection in the navel is possible in this way.

Keep the navel clean: If you have an infection, keep your navel clean. Along with this, avoid wearing tight clothes. Sweat and dirt can collect under clothing and make the infection worse.

Antibiotic cream: The doctor may advise you to use antifungal or antibiotic cream. It depends on what is the cause of the infection. Along with this, he can also advise oral antibiotics.

If you have done a piercing in the navel and there is an infection, then do not forget to follow these steps.
Take off the jewelry.
Dip a cotton ball in a solution of antimicrobial soap and warm water and clean your belly button with it.
-Always keep this area clean and dry.
If these methods do not work, then you should immediately consult a doctor. Once the infection is treated, your navel will stop smelling and it will return to normal

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