7 Surprising Banana Peel Uses

7 Surprising Banana Peel Uses

Rather than slipping on banana peels, why not put them to work?

As you may have seen time and time again, a scene that makes the entire audience laugh is when a character slips on a strategically placed banana peel. From early black and white movies to today’s sitcoms, this trick is as old as time. What if we told you there is more to banana peels than just comedic relief?

Since over 100 billion bananas are consumed every year, there’s a lot of peels left over. Check out these seven creative ways to use banana peels instead of just throwing them into the trash.

Banana peels are perfect for gardening

Since bananas produce methane gas, which according to the Environmental Defense Fund, is 84 times more intense than carbon dioxide, you can use them for composting or gardening. According to Inhabitat, simply wrap the banana peels around the base of plants. This will create soil that slowly releases nutrients, in particular phosphorus, which is very valuable for plants. You can also soak your banana peels in water overnight to create a solution that is excellent for indoor plants. The mixture should be about five parts regular water to one-part banana-peel water

Homemade bug repellent

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you can make a bug trap at home from used banana peels. Inhabitat provides easy to follow directions. All you need is a plastic bucket with a lid and a banana peel. Puncture some holes in the top and position the banana peel inside of the container. With the sweet scent of the banana, small bugs will be attracted to the peel and fly right into your trap. Voila — an insect-free dinner.

If you were bitten by a bug or have developed a rash, Healthline says that you can rub the banana peel right on your skin. This helps eliminate the itchiness you feel and can facilitate the healing process. Banana peels have a soothing property and can effectively reduce discomfort.

Reduce acne and scars

As surprising as it may sound, banana peels can find their place next to your face wash and cream according to Bright Side. Take the fleshy portion of the banana peel and rub it right on your face. Leave it there for around 10 minutes and then wash your face. Include this in your daily routine and within a week or two, you may notice that your acne and scars are fading

Splinter removal

Do you have a splinter? You can use this easy method from Bright Side to remove it without causing pain. Just apply a peel to the affected area, tape if necessary, and let it sit there for around a half hour. There are enzymes within the banana peel that help bring the splinter to the surface of your skin so you can easily remove it with a tweezer.

Inexpensive polish

You can take the outer layers of the banana peel and rub it on all types of leather, such as: furniture, shoes, and purses according to Well + Good. Just use the inside of the peel on your leather product and rub until they are shiny and mark free.

Cook with peels

When you are cooking meat or fish, include a banana peel in your roasting pan. According to Bright Side. The peel helps moisten the meat or fish as it cooks, making it more tender because it acts as a “blanket” for the meat and prevents moisture from the meat from vaporizing.

The easiest way — simply eat it

Since banana peels are bursting with nutrients and antioxidants, they are in fact edible according to Healthline. To make them easier to digest, boil the banana peel in water for about 10 minutes and then add it to a juicer. Banana peels can be enjoyed on their own or blended together with other fruits like strawberries and bananas, of course, to make refreshing smoothies.

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